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Re: Do Not Fit


On 20/09/19 20:55, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

Initially it will be simple DNF marking.  Eventually full variant
support will be included.  It's hard to say when that might happen.
There are a lot of new features planned for the new schematic file
formats some of which will most likely have priority over full variant


Probably introducing in the file format the possibility to use a list of
values for the component value (and other fields like the DNF flag) and put in the first release of V6 the behaviour "use the first value, keep the others saved in the file" would leave the door open to this development after the V6.0 release and without changing the file format specs, allowing to implement it without the need for further changes to the file format.

Anyway, I confess I did not see the latest specs, so probably this has been considered yet and I'm re-inventing the wheel.

P.S.: I'm quite curious about the new eeschema file specs (I've seen a version from march 2018 dev mailing list, so may be quite outdated).