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Unicode Hotkeys


I was doing some digging in the hotkey code to try to see what may be
causing this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1840528, and I
think it may be due to not using the actual unicode character as the hotkey
we process.

According to wxWidgets, GetKeyCode()
only returns a valid code for ASCII and latin-1 characters but not for
other alphabets (such as Russian, which is the alphabet the original
reporter is using). I see that we are doing some processing of the unicode
key in the current framework, but only on OSX, and it is not used as the
actual keycode for running the action. Are there any foreseeable problems
that could be caused by switching the hotkey architecture to use the
unicode key codes instead of the normal key codes? (It isn't as simple as
changing out the one call, since we have to handle the fact that the
GetUnicodeKey() function doesn't return for some special keys, hence the
sample code in the wxWidgets documentation).



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