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Re: GitLab migration


> gitlab in a Docker container

Here's an on going effort which would reduce the work:


>some of these augmentation needs are not all foreseeable now.

>> but the real question is what is the benefit?

There are more than one benefit, and this is not the real question, because there are
multiple questions.

Like most things in life it is a cost benefit analysis.  That analysis cannot be done in
2-3 emails.

Here are some more benefits:

*) Owning your own data,
*) only having to move it once launchpad; not a second time, after the list of feature
voids gets so long and you then find a rabbit willing to go down into Mark's rabbit hole
and play house.  One man's rabbit hole is a rabbit's masterpiece. This would be merely
using the open source model, and pushing changes upstream.  Hopefully *we* of all people,
don't indict that in one sentence.

git with rebasing helps, but you knew that.  And the receptiveness of upstream plays a big
role in weighing the pain factor and the patch backlog.  Overall it is an additional
element of freedom, and yes it does come with a cost.