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Re: [PATCH] SPICE .option confused with .op simulation


On 2019-10-22 23:35, Maciej Suminski wrote:
Hi Sylwester,

I admit I have not checked your patch in action, but it seems that it
will not accept ".op" command, unless it is followed by a space. Since
".op" does not take any parameters, I presume it is a rare case when one
adds an extra space after the command.


Thanks Orson! You are right, it was skipping the unpadded .op. I missed this as the .tran command does print the DC operating point and I was checking in a multi-command circuit. Good catch. I've fixed up the command parsing to ensure we pad the command lines.

This does bring up, however, that our simulator does not handle .op well. It won't probe the values or print them easily. LTSpice prints the DC Operating Point table for all nets after running in this mode. Not that LTSpice is the model of usability but there may be something to this.


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