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Re: .op simulation


However in the meantime you can do a trick (tested on 5.1.4 on Windows):

Taking the example from
C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\demos\simulation\pspice\pspice.sch
edit the text box in the circuit diagram, so it will read

.model Q2N2222 npn (bf=200)
*.ac dec 100 10 1Meg
set controlswait
print all

then run the simulation, you will get the op data among some erroneous output lines.

What did I do: Replace the .ac by the .op command, and add a .control section telling ngspice to run in control mode.

The main thread in KiCad issues the bg_run command starting the simulation and immediately runs the .control section. The command 'set controlswait' tells ngspice to wait until the simulation is ready, and only then 'print all' prints the operating point data.

Without 'set controlswait' printing would start immediately, but if the simulation was not ready there would be nothing to print.

Of course it will be better if escheema is handling the thread issues itself and does care for the data.

The printed net names are somewhat strange and are not easily connected to the net wires in the circuit diagram. Only when you are using net labels, the correlation is easily identified.