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Re: New border/title blocks?


I believe the US sizes are provided by the ASME Y14.1-2005 standard. Or at
least that seems to be the generic standard for these that I can find (I
didn't see anything for ANSI or IEEE).


On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 6:37 PM Evan Shultz <evan.shultz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks Seth!
> I didn't find the default template when looking at the code base, but I'm
> sure it's there and I just didn't find it. So if things are left alone
> hopefully the packager people will automatically include them? Then
> hopefully this message thread will make the packagers aware of new
> templates.
> I could add more wishlist items, but you mentioned some key ones. I
> believe it would be best to create a launchpad bug for this so it can be
> tracked and doesn't get buried in the mailing list.
> The small and large title blocks are both useful, as is having or not
> having revision history, so that means at least four templates. But because
> the ISO spec defines variations based on page size, for example the number
> of subdivisions of the border sides, I do not believe it would be possible
> to auto-scale and collapse the number of templates while still strictly
> meeting the ISO standard.
> The ISO standard only defines A page sizes. I understand your comment
> about providing US page sizes but they aren't part of the standard.
> Evan
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 10:16 AM Seth Hillbrand <seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> On 11/13/19 9:19 AM, Evan Shultz wrote:
>> Seth,
>> Yes, these templates are sized specifically for certain page sizes as
>> defined in the ISO specification. And also for particular sheet
>> orientations. So in Eeschema, the user needs to select the page size and
>> orientation that match the template in order for the scaling to be proper
>> and the template to be rendered such that it meets the ISO specification.
>> Even if manual work is required to properly use these tempates, perhaps
>> it might be useful to still include them?
>> In addition, during the review of the templates we discovered limitations
>> such as what you mentioned above. I can understand if the best solution for
>> now is only a stopgap, and I'm happy to submit a feature request for an
>> enhancement for this area of Eeschema, with the details to be sorted out
>> later as to not derail the main objective of this message.
>> Thank you!
>> The process for inclusion would be managed by the individual
>> distributions.  I assume that they pull from the kicad-templates repository
>> by default.
>> Currently, the extra templates are installed at the same directory level
>> as the default template.  This is cluttered and mixes all different kinds
>> of templates together.  We should definitely address this.  Simple
>> subdirectories for page layout options other than the default should be
>> considered in the templates CMake
>> The wishlist items for the code I see are:
>> - Adding the Revisions block as an optional item in the layout format
>> - Adding support for graphical items referenced to page center
>> With these two items, we should be able to collapse these templates into
>> a single, standard (or two if you wanted the basic 180mm and an alternate
>> compressed version for the Title block.
>> For the templates, if we are adding templates per size, it would be good
>> to add standard A/B/C sizes as well.  US KiCad users do not have easy
>> access to either A4 paper or (harder) A4 printers.
>> Best-
>> Seth
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