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Re: KiCad Assembly at 36C3



On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 12:57:31PM +0100, Carlo Maragno wrote:

> I saw that Seth was planning to do something similar at fosdem.

Yes, I'm also going there, and that is probably where the interesting stuff
happens, since there are people there with insight into the codebase and a
general idea where it is headed.

If we wanted to do KiCad hacking at Congress, the opportunity I see there
is more shaped like "we can motivate each other, and if anyone needs to
repeatedly compile stuff, I can just throw the big machines into the van
that's going anyway, so the logistical effort is minimal."

I'm not carrying these boxes around just for the fun of it, especially if
there is no good place to put them, so we should decide if there are enough
people that it makes sense to reserve a table.