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Re: What does "when in doubt do it opposite than certain other pcb tool" stand for?


On 2019-11-26 09:43, Andy Peters wrote:

On Nov 26, 2019, at 10:41 AM, Seth Hillbrand <seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2019-11-26 09:05, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:
On 22/11/2019 17:42, Rene Pöschl wrote:
I would assume this is referencing version 6 of eagle. The current
versions of eagle are actually something that can (in some aspects) be
used as a good example. I would therefore assume that this sentence is
simply out of date and could be removed or at least reworded. I don't have access to that webpage, but whoever has, feel free to
remove it.

Which website are we talking about? I followed Rene's link but it just went to the Doxygen site and I don't see that statement there.
It's here: http://docs.kicad-pcb.org/doxygen/v6_road_map.html


Perfect, thanks Andy! I've removed the section. It will propagate to the website in a few hours.


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