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Re: Back annotate references from PCB


Eeli Kaikkonen kirjoitti 1.12.2019 klo 0.08:

> BTW, about the possibility of changing the footprint - I have always found
> being able to change footprints in pcbnew strange because then it's out of
> sync with the schematic and it has to be changed in the schematic manually
> and updated to layout anyways. Being able to update it from the layout to
> the schematic looks like an obvious missing feature.

I would consider it a missing feature that the schematic-layout path is
anything but completely bilateral. Everything should be editable and
propagated both ways and question remains does it even make sense to
have different files. If a footprint is added or gate/pin swapped on the
PCB side the changes should show as rubber bands on the schematic, just
like it works from update PCB form schematic. Proper back annotation is
a good middle target, but having complete seamless bilateral data and
action model is way more usable albeit complex.


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