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Advice on merge request



I have been working on Geographical reannotation. It uses the code Alexander Shuklin created for back annotation. I understand Alexander's merge request has been pending (yes, I know it is holidays) but now I don't know how to proceed because my code depends on his code.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Also, I have a user base of people who have been using my standalone RenumKicadPCB utility. I would like to direct them to my fork and/or pre-compiled Windows exes so they can help test it. It turns out there are lots of ways a project can be made with reference designation issues in the schematic and/or PCB so I would like to be sure I catch them all. I would, of course, flag that this is not an official Kicad release, etc..

Any objections/suggestions?


Brian Piccioni

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