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Re: auto conversion of sch file not working


On 1/21/20 9:59 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> There should be an entry
> [eeschema/libraries]
> LibNameN=mylib


You da man,


Thanks for extending a helping hand.


I loaded the schematic OK now.
I note that an improvement is possible.  After clicking "Remap Symbols", my *.pro file is
stripped of old library information

 *and is saved to disk*

before I subsequently am given a choice to "Save" or "Close" in the next part of the Remap
Symbols dialog activity sequence.

I would prefer that the modification of the *.pro file (on disk) only happen if I "Save".
 Because during multiple failed attempts, one has to revert to the original old-school
library laden *.pro file to try again.

This process is a bridge, it gets crossed, after which you don't need it again until
another project.  Sometimes these bridges can be put into special one-shot operated
*external* tools where they stay safe from code churn aka evolution.

In this case, it was my bad, the older *.pro got edited probably by a text editor
somewhere along the way.  Or I tried to use the newer one *.pro file with the old *.sch.

Bridge crossed.

My thanks to the team again.


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