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Re: Proposal to update eeSchema annotation?


Hi anybody!
Sorry if there too much mistakes, I write from phone. When I looked into undo stuff in schematic editor last time, it worked that way:
Every schematic sheet has its own undo/redo history and when you apply undo, only components in the opened sheet are affected. 
From my point of view just remind people that they cannot undone annotation and back annotation is less evil. Otherwise somebody will face up situation when he undone some annotation in one sheet but some annotated components are still in other sheets.
I would say, that eeschema undo behaviour has to be changed. I thought about 2 ways:
- make undo changes with all sheets, not the currently opened
- Prompt warning when you want to undo the action which was done with all sheets in the project (such as annotations)
Just for information: that will be pretty easy to add undo feature in the backannotation because it generates changelist which can be pushed to undo stack. But it is useless with current schematic undo algorithm.

February 23, 2020 4:35:07 PM UTC, Eeli Kaikkonen <eeli.kaikkonen@xxxxxxxxx> пишет:
>On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 4:48 PM Brian Piccioni
>> Hello
>> Now that Geographic Reannotation is a WIP I was thinking it might
>> sense to update eeSchema's Annotate dialog.
>I created an epic for annotation related issues. You should probably
>each proposition as a report if there's no report already.
>> Incorporate undo
>There's an existing issue for "Back annotation changes unable to be
>undone in schematic", but there are more problems with Annotation.
>With one simple component open the annotation dialog, annotate and
>The component is annotated, but:
>1) "Save" is not activated in the toolbar. It's activated in the File
>But when I click on the canvas, the button is activated.
>2) There's no undo. If I annotate manually by editing the refdes, Undo
>works. IIRC Undo has worked previously.
>These must be reported separately, right? (I'm asking from the senior
>Eeli Kaikkonen

Простите за краткость, создано в Либрем Почта.

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