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DRC reports


I’m looking at adding filtering to the DRC window.  I’d like to use something similar to the HTML report panel where we’d have some checkboxes under the listbox:

[ ] Show All   [ ] Clearances  [ ] Constraints   [ ] Courtyards

It would be nice and consistent to then have a Save button after that.  But this would be a slight procedural change:
1) it would separate the reports by the 3 tabs: Violations, Unconnected, Footprint Warnings
2) you couldn’t set it and forget it: you’d have to click the Save button each time you wanted a report


Note: yes, I did consider user-defined filtering.  But we currently have 64 DRC error types, and I’m not sure users really want to wade through that list (nor do we want to have to reply to queries of the form “what does DRC error type XYZ include?”

Note 2: regardless of that, feel free to comment on anything (including “we really must have user-defined filtering”).

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