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Re: no broken default fp-lib-table, removed footprint library


Hello Rene,

Am 12.05.20 um 22:58 schrieb Rene Pöschl:
> What is broken here? The old library folder is still there to ensure 
> users do not get an error message. Footprints are embedded in the design 
> files so no negative impact on old designs. The new footprints are 
> vastly superior to the old ones so the tradeoff is simply worth it!

I'm glad that you can refute my concerns as this means in the end that
users don't get interruptions. And that's what I want and need to take
care on.

>> Keeping that entry makes no sense to me if the folder is now empty.
> Yes we could remove the entry but our CI script would complain -> so we 
> decided to just have the empty lib it does not hurt anyone.

So more a problem to get this reason publicity visible then?

> Well now you know why we keep the empty folder. (At least v5 does no 
> longer crash with a missing lib.)

No, I don't know this, otherwise I wouldn't ask, the experience of
releases from past was it was a problem. As written previously, I do not
and can't follow all the various developments in all places, to many
various places with different platforms for development.

> The two bug reports you list again clearly show why we now keep the 
> libraries as empty instead of removing them.

O.k. to summarize, the movement of footprints within libraries isn't a
problem (any more) as long the old now empty directory is still shipped?
Sounds like a issue to me.

I will try to do a bit of testing but this isn't possible to do this
manually for every release as the cases you want or need to test will
immediately growing. I haven't the time to do such things.

It would have been really helpful for me if things like above would get
communicated in a better way. The simplest thing is a text file within
the repository, mostly called README. :)
I haven't found any information in the git tree, in the mailing list, on
the KiCad website or on GitHub.

Carsten Schoenert

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