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Re: DRC rules


Hello Jeff,

That works fine on the plane, but when I do a DRC check if fails on the
pads of C1 and C2. I'm using cec857c0f49d4fd984a4095896306ff5d3a5930e,
not sure if you changed anything after that.

To me the syntax is just fine, as long as these things can be specified



Jeff Young <jeff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

	Hi Mark,
	That???s expected.  The effective clearance is the largest specified in all rules that match.  Since both selectors match in the same-net case, the effective clearance is 1.3mm.
	There is a ???relaxed??? token to address this, which allows a higher-priority rule to relax a constraint.
	So try:
	(version 1)
	(selector (priority 150) (match_netclass "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (match_netclass "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (rule "0.2mm"))
	(selector (priority 100) (match_netclass "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (rule "1.3mm"))
	(rule "1.3mm" (clearance 1.3))
	(rule "0.2mm" (clearance relaxed 0.2))
	It???s worth noting that we???re not very happy with this syntax and are working on some other ways to address it.

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