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Re: Build on msys2 fails : libngspice-x.dll not found in any executable path


On 5/23/20 11:55 AM, jp charras wrote:
> Le 23/05/2020 à 17:35, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
>> There is definitely something wrong but I'm not sure where the issue is.
>>  I downgraded both cmake a couple of versions but cmake started
>> complaining about missing libraries.  I even modified Findngspice.cmake
>> with the absolute path to libngspice-0.dll and it still didn't work so
>> something is definitely broken.  I'm may try a full clean reinstall of
>> msys2 when I have a *lot* of free time so I don't know when that will
>> happen.  For all of you windows devs using msys2, you might want to hold
>> off updating until this issue is resolved.
> I also tried the last msys version.
> I found 2 issues:
> this issue: libngspice-0.dll is not found even if it is in path.
> This is an issue but one can invoke cmake with option -DNGSPICE_DLL=<libngspice-0.dll full path>
> The other issue is the fact the last msys version comes with wxWidgets 3.05 compiled with gcc10
> but wxPython was not rebuild and there is an ABI issue.

Thanks for the tip but I still don't understand why the library is not
being found by cmake.  I've pinged the msys2 devs more than once about
the wxPython ABI issue but they don't seem terribly interested in
keeping them synced up.  It's easy enough to rebuild wxPython with the
latest version of gcc although it takes a long time.