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Re: Legacy schematic and symbol library writing deprecated.


On 2020-05-29 10:24 a.m., Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
They also have all of the features planned for V6 which haven't been
implemented yet so they are actually ahead of the current file formats.
I don't know how motivated I am to rip out all of the new stuff and then
add it back in later.

Where the doc is ahead of what has been implemented just add a marker of some kind to say Future, or NIY (Not Implemented Yet). Add a note/warning at the start of the doc stating that areas of the doc so marked may or may not get implemented as documented and that the actual implemenation is subject to change.

While you are at it, would you please add in a revision date, file version number, and some mention of which version of Kicad is covered by the doc? It really helps those of us doing work on external projects related to Kicad.



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