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Re: How do we envision Pad Stacks?


On 11.06.20 17:16, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
I thought at one time we had an initial proposal document written for
pad stacks but I cannot seem to find it.  I thought it was either Orson
or Tom who wrote it but maybe I'm remembering this wrong.  If not, we
need to create one to make sure we have it well defined before any
implementation can be done.

When I asked Orson some weeks ago, he responded that there is no
such document

Expedition supports a separate pad stack library what contains drills,
drill symbols, THT and SMD pads and combinations of them (pad stacks). All footprints link to this padstacks similar Kicad link from symbol to footprint. This way padstacks are not defined in footprints what allows footprints to change pads automatically (wave, reflow or other needs). Once placed, the footprint link to padastack can be altered to special design needs