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Re: Auto-generated backup files: are they useful?


Le 30/06/2020 à 00:13, hauptmech a écrit :
> While I agree that it is not KiCad's job to do archival backups or version control, I do think that KiCad should preserve the integrity of users data through a crash. Even better if the work between the last save and the crash is also preserved and recovered on restart.
> I have had to use the backup files to recover data in the past. I have no idea if that recovery was related to something that is now no longer a possible issue.
> -Hauptmech

I am also thinking a backup can be useful when something unexpected happens.

Backups, like any security system, bothers you as long as you do not need to use them.
But you are happy to find them in case of trouble.

I like the way some CAD tools manage backup:
only one zip archive is created (for instance projectname_backup.zip) and contains all saved files
(in our case: *.kicad_sch (and sub paths) and .kicad_pcb)
This is not a full project backup, just main files are saved.

This is not invasive (only one file, or a few .zip if one want to keep last n saved versions)
and is a security against  unexpected cases.

For me, backups are like a accident insurance: you need them and you hope never use them.

And about VCS use:

Many good electronics guys do not even know what is it, and have never compiled any source code.
Electronics world and Software world are not exactly the same world.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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