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Re: Odp: broken pipe and a simple commit


On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 10:52:08AM +0200, Sylwester Kocjan wrote:
> Hi Marco,   Did you try to push your commit directly on master branch?

No, I did this (as I am used to in github...):

> General Guidelines:
>    1)Always create a new branch for merge requests instead of using your fork's master branch.

I created a personal fork. First commit (super small change that does not
affect compilation at all) error message:

Your pipeline has failed.

Project: kicad ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix/kicad )
Branch: master ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix/kicad/-/commits/master )

Commit: d8da1615 ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix/kicad/-/commit/d8da161599065e519cc1a33b8bef01d3be3f8204 )
Commit Message: Fixed single language translation update that w...
Commit Author: Marco Ciampa ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix )

Pipeline #206121055 ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix/kicad/-/pipelines/206121055 ) triggered by Marco Ciampa ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix )
had 3 failed builds.

Job #805521551 ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix/kicad/-/jobs/805521551/raw )

Stage: report
Name: report_build_warn
Job #805521552 ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix/kicad/-/jobs/805521552/raw )

Stage: report
Name: report_metrics
Job #805521539 ( https://gitlab.com/ciampix/kicad/-/jobs/805521539/raw )

Stage: build
Name: build_linux



Marco Ciampa

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