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Questions to the QA code


Hello,   I have two questions regarding QA code for KiCad and I'd like to ask for your comments about them:   1. I reviewed contents of qa directory in KiCad repo and I saw some issues that can be fixed.     Could you please take a look at the summary and let me know if they are valid:   docs.google.com docs.google.com   2. What do you think about adding mocking library to the KiCad code? I found that PGM object is mocked few times       gitlab.com gitlab.com         A libary for creating mocks would simplify creting the tests. In this MR and commit:          gitlab.com gitlab.com      gitlab.com gitlab.com         there is added HippoMocks, a single-header mocking tool and it does it's job.     If that's ok, it could help to get rid of these duplicated mocks (maybe even hand-written mocks at all).   Best regards,  Sylwester

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