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Re: *** SPAM *** Re: ngspice-34


Le 03/02/2021 à 11:38, Carsten Schoenert a écrit :
Hello Holger,

Am 03.02.21 um 11:20 schrieb Holger Vogt:
I remember some time ago I tried to address the libtool versioning, but
I did not understand it, so abandoned it again.
libtool isn't really easy, yes, but the more complicated thing is to
integrate the things correctly into configure.ac and potential

If I'm feeling boring enough I can try to have look this. But ngspice
did already cost a lot of my brain in the past. :P

What about adding and distributing alongside of sharedspice.h a version
header file verngspice.h which contains only some version info?
That would for sure help for the problem Ian has written about, but it
doesn't solves the underlying real problem, a non versioned library.

To add such a version string you even don't need to add another header
file, there is already sharedspice.h available. It's easy to process
this as .h.in file while configure is running to add such a version
string. I can try to have a look at this as well.

OTOH, a version.h file is not a bad idea (read: for me a very good idea):

at least the name is already a useful comment and it request only a very few amount of work.

Many tools use this trick (for instance opencascade, and most of other tools we are using in Kicad), and one **big** advantage it works outside the libtool stuff.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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