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Re: ngspice-34


Am 03.02.21 um 13:03 schrieb jp charras:
> OTOH, a version.h file is not a bad idea (read: for me a very good idea):
> at least the name is already a useful comment and it request only a very 
> few amount of work.
> Many tools use this trick (for instance opencascade, and most of other 
> tools we are using in Kicad), and one **big** advantage it works outside 
> the libtool stuff.

For simple things like version detection pkg-config is already enough,
no need for mostly incompatible hacks. Even different shells on the same
host can behavior really unexpected.

If you need to detect the version of ngspice you will need to do this
this already before any build is started.

> $ pkg-config --modversion ngspice
> 33

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