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Re: *** SPAM *** Re: ngspice-34


I prefer adding
#define PACKAGE_VERSION "34+"
to sharedspice.h.

sharespice.h has been and will always be there.
In old ngspice releases PACKAGE_VERSION is not defined. But config.h is there, containing its PACKAGE_VERSION. In ngspice-34 unfortunately PACKAGE_VERSION will not be available. But the code snipped below starting at line 161 in common/build_version.cpp (not tested) should just return "unknown". No user interaction is required. In ngspice-35
PACKAGE_VERSION will be available in sharedspice.h.

    #include <ngspice/sharedspice.h.h>
        aMsg << indent4 << "ngspice: " << PACKAGE_VERSION << eol;
        aMsg << indent4 << "ngspice: " << "unknown" << eol;

The disadvantage of the compile time approach of course is that it would not follow a user who just upgrades (or downgrades?) ngspice.


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