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translation issues


Hello devs,
sorry but I'm a little frustrated.

I think that the actual translation workflow is inefficient and not
really helping translators.

I spent o lot of hours last week updating the Italian translation of the
master branch: hundreds of strings.

I first tried to upload the translation on Weblate but it discharged
hundreds of strings (the vast majority of my work) since Weblate does not
updates the strings from the sources but simply discharges all strings
that do not match with the current template even if it is very old and

Then I tried that convoluted procedure of requesting a merge even if for
one single translation file. It did not work either because of a conflict
with the old and un-updated weblate inserted translation file. Somebody
decided to merge weblate, then updated all strings, then my merge request
that obviously failed.

Now, since git keeps track of every single commit, is it possible to
authorize commits to some translators? What security concerns can we
possibly have?

Or to make weblate update the po files automatically in order to
translate without having to wait for someone to commit the new templates?

Or to automatically update the po files templates automatically every now
and then?

In the meantime I'll try again with a merge request, with fingers crossed.



Marco Ciampa

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