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Re: Python 3 now required


## Steven A. Falco (stevenfalco@xxxxxxxxx):

> I have a related qestion regarding "shebangs" in python code.  In a
> few files we have #!/usr/bin/env python3, which is great, because it
> fully specifies which interpreter to use.

There's no real guarantee that "python3" exists (nor "python" as such).
FreeBSD for example insits on the full version, you must not depend on
"python", "python2", "python3" etc., only the fully versioned
interpreter is allowed ("python3.8").
But don't worry, we (FreeBSD) know how to deal with that during

> Lastly, there are a number of python files that have no shebangs at all.
> Fedora's RPM builder warns about this on 15 files, and disables the
> scripts by clearing the "executable" bit.  Here is an example:

That would be "as expected" for modules (which are not called directly
but only referenced via "import"). They really don't need that +x.


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