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Re: Experience compiling latest HEAD


Hi Ruth,

Am Montag, dem 28.06.2021 um 19:55 +0100 schrieb Ruth Ivimey-Cook:
> I think the initial problem with flatpak was that I couldn't figure
> out how to install kicad. Things like "flatpak search flathub KiCad"
> don't return useful results.
You can leave out the remote from flatpak search commands. It will
always search all your active remotes.
> However, I then found the problem with flatpak was that I needed
> kicad 5.99, not 5.1, because a key part I had was a 5.99 format
> symbol & footprint and I don't know of any way to downgrade that to
> the earlier format.
There is no "backwards" converter for symbols/footprints in the 5.99
format, AFAIK. So yes, if you depend on certain 5.99
symbols/footprints, there is no point in running 5.1.
> Running this with "flatpak run org.kicad.KiCad" runs the application,
> but the fonts problem (very small fonts for native wx widgets) is not
> resolved.
We decided to keep the 5.1 flatpak on wx 3.0, and switch to wx 3.1 for
6.0 (and 5.99). So again, another reason for you to skip 5.1, I guess.

I read from your messages, that you can already run 5.99 successfully,
but if you want to try, I'd be excited to hear how building the kicad-
nightly flatpak works for you.


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