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Re: Experience compiling latest HEAD


>> And the kicad built nightly v5.99 from
>> http://ppa.launchpad.net/kicad/kicad-dev-nightly/ubuntu/
>> And it's v5.99 I was asking to include wx 3.1.
> I though we had changed our nightly Ubuntu builds over to 3.1 but
> apparently not.  Maybe our PPA package dev can comment about what it
> would take to do that.  I've been using 3.1 on Debian testing for quite
> a long time now and it seems to be stable and it also fixes a lot of
> issues.
Currently only wx 3.0 is available in ubuntu (as far as I see up to
21.04). So nightly build use 3.0. As Carsten say, 3.1 is the dev version
of WX and is not yet included in debian (so in ubuntu).