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Re: libngspice versioning by libtool


Hello Carsten,

there are two thing now open:

I have made an update to ngspice in branch pre-master:
Now all boolean symbols transferred over the ABI are of true boolean type. So the interfacing from any caller does not need to be changed, your compile should then (hopefully) finish successfully.

Concerning loading the ngspice shared library:
With the help of reading the commit
the procedure seems to be:
With cmake function get_filename_component() at compile time KiCad detects a path to ngspice and hard-codes it in NGSPICE_DLL_FILE. This variable then is used to load ngspice dynamically at runtime. So everything depends what string one finds in NGSPICE_DLL_FILE (ngspice.cpp).

Unfortunately I have not been able to compile KiCad so far (wxPython/Phoenix seems to be not yet available in openSUSE Leap 15.3). So, Carsten, if you can compile, could you have a look at the contents of NGSPICE_DLL_FILE?


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