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Re: IBIS / SPICE simulation


To be honest, you are too fast (for me)!

May I ask you to correct me or enhance my following summary:

Goal is a sort of system simulation, where the system consists of a chip driving a PCB channel, which connects to a receiver chip.

To simulate this, I need a simulator with models for the driver, the PCB channel and the receiver.

Of interest is a time based (transient) simulation to verify signal integrity. Any other simulation type required?

If one has spice models for the driving chip, the PCB channel, and the receiving chip, transient simulation can be done completely within spice.

Often spice models for complete chips are not available (too complex, proprietary etc). Here now IBIS comes into play, offering special models for driver and receiver only, without further chip functionality. IBIS models are provided by the chip makers.

The PCB channel model may be obtained by a parasitics extractor (as in IC work), which yields a lumped element model (RLCG, transmission lines). Extraction may be done by a calibrated structure look-up, and/or by 2D, 3D EM simulation.

Enhanced Spice (understanding IBIS) or a dedicated simulator will be needed to do the simulation work.

If the above summary can serve as the base of a specification, I could come up with some suggestions how to add the IBIS models into ngspice, which is integrated into KiCad anyway. However, we also need the 'parasitics extractor'.

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