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Re: ngspice-36 as ppa in Ubuntu ?


One comment, if you decide to move on:

In the most recent build log for amd64


I have seen the configure statement

dh_auto_configure override_dh_auto_configure -- --datarootdir=/usr/share/ngspice-kicad --includedir=/usr/share/ngspice-kicad/ngspice/include --with-ngshared --enable-xspice --enable-cider --enable-openmp --with-tcl=/usr/lib

Please remove the --with-tcl=/usr/lib token. There is no tcl/tk involved when making shared ngspice for KiCad. --with-tcl is applied when making a completely different shared lib which is dedicated to the tcl/tk environment (tclspice). Using it here may be dangerous.

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