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Re: Bite-sized bug with nice payoff (shorten long URLs).


On Wed Sep 09 18:22:15 +0100 2009 Karl Fogel wrote:
> (This is sort of an experiment.  I'm thinking it might be good to post a
> trivial-bug-of-the-week or something.  The value-add here is that a
> human -- me -- has looked at the bug and knows that the 'trivial' tag is
> accurate and that it's perfect for someone new to Launchpad development.
> I don't have quite the right skills for this bug myself, being not very
> experienced in javascript, but I can see that the bug is easy.)

jml did something I think is very useful with bug 369273, actually explain
how to fix this "trivial" bug. That makes trivial very useful for those starting
out as well as for a list for LP developers with 10 minutes to spare (which
doesn't seem to lead to many fixes in most projects I know).



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