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Putting on-call reviewer in channel topic?


Tell me if I'm reheating an old discussion here:

Today I looked for an on-call reviewer (OCR), and suddenly realized how
much nicer it would be if the OCR were listed in the channel topic in

Now, https://dev.launchpad.net/ReviewerSchedule is great, but consulting
it is a lot more overhead than just asking the channel topic.  Also,
when two people swap their OCR, the wiki page won't reflect that,
whereas a channel topic could.

The hard part would obviously be OCRs remembering to update the channel
topic when they come in and when they leave (or when they stop being
OCR).  So let me start by asking: is that problem the only reason we're
not currently listing OCRs in the channel topic?

In the meantime, I've edited https://dev.launchpad.net/ReviewerSchedule
heavily, to optimize it for people trying to find today's OCR, and put
that URL into the channel topic.  Perhaps that's all we need.

Another thought, while we're here:

Set up one of our channel bots to translate, so that when 'jrandom' says

   "ocr: can you please review https://.../+merge/11417 ?"

The bot translates it to:

   "cprov, rockstar, leonardr: ^^ jrandom says: can you please review ..."

That way people wouldn't even have to look at the topic -- they'd just
know to always sling their reviews at "ocr".


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