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Re: a nice way to announce new features, and the meaning of "releases"


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Martin Pool <mbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> rememberthemilk.com (a todo list web app) did something nice today to
> announce some new features (see attached): a dismissable dialog on the
> home page with a link to it.  It would be neat if Launchpad did this,
> tastefully, when important changes happen.  Because Launchpad is a
> much larger app, it might have to do something only visible to users
> viewing the relevant app.  This connects a bit to the 'site-wide
> notifications' idea, which is meant to handle 'Launchpad will be
> readonly in 20 minutes for an upgrade'.
> More generally I like the way they do this compared to the way
> Launchpad announces releases:
>  * giving it a name that summarizes the main feature (maybe we should
> do this for bazaar too)
>  * emphasizing "new features are available" over "2.3 is released",
> and summarizing them in one sentence
>  * telling people about it within the website, rather than through a
> separate list or blog

Yeah, I like this. I think the pop-up approach fits particularly well
with RTM's normal usecases. When you go to the site, you always go to
_your_ home page, much like Facebook.

The underlying principle here is orienting the communication around
what actually helps the user (the features), rather than some internal
implementation detail (the releases).