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Re: Does a Launchpad developer *really* need Slony-I installed?


Stuart Bishop wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 5:08 AM, Max Bowsher <maxb@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Stuart Bishop wrote:
>>>>> I need slony1-bin & postgresql-8.4-slony1 and the identical version of
>>>>> slony as postgresql-8.3-slony1 for Hardy too while you are there  ;)
>> Using which version of slony as a base? The one from Lucid, or the one
>> from Hardy?
> From Lucid. Hardy's version is 1.2.15, but PostgreSQL 8.4
> compatibility only arrived with 1.2.17 (and only really because stable
> with 1.2.20 from what I've seen on the mailing lists).

It built pretty much out of the box, with hardy-backports enabled:



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