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webservice ("api") bugs


The webservice is becoming increasingly important and visible throughout Canonical, the Launchpad community, and the Ubuntu community. 

While Foundations has been in charge of the webservice infrastructure, problems with the Launchpad webservice itself are usually application specific, and pushed to that team.

Examples:  http://tr.im/RAGU

No one has been in charge of the webservice in its entirety.  Jono, Francis, and I think that we need a responsible party for the webservice in its entirety.

Foundations will take this role.

Practically, this means api bugs will be assigned both to the application-specific team, if any, and to Foundations.  The application-specific team is more than welcome to escalate and address specific bugs themselves, but Foundations will be responsible for the API's quality of service.

This will mean that we will tackle some application-specific bugs.  We also will sometimes ask other teams for help for specific bugs, either by assisting our efforts or by putting the bug on their own backlog.