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webservice futures


On a related note to my other email about webservice bugs, I'll mention the upcoming high-level tasks for the webservice.

- Leonard is wrapping up "webservice version 1.0," which shows that we can now support different simultaneous versions.  This means we can support released applications, such as apport, while continuing to improve our API in backwards incompatible ways.  1.0 is very slightly cleaned up version of the long-standing "beta" service (which, despite its name, is now also frozen, because released applications depend on it).  Versions will remain supported until the Ubuntu release that uses it becomes unsupported.  Launchpad's own Javascript usage will track the API development version, named "devel".

- He will then address bug 336866 ("When adding tag or updating description, lp_save() gives "HTTP Error 412: Precondition Failed").

- We'll give Launchpad developers an example of how to use launchpadlib directly in tests.

- We'll work on webservice performance (client and server side).

- We'll consult with Jonathan Lange (as a proxy for other launchpadlib users) to identify and address a set of webservice infrastructure issues that can make using the webservice more of a pleasure.  There are a number of possibilities on the table here; I'll publicize them when we get closer to the time.

- Leonard will change the Launchpad webservice to apply the infrastructure improvements from the previous item.  This will both let him dogfood the changes from the previous effort, and generally give him a chance to improve the API of the Launchpad webservice itself.


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