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Re: webservice futures


On Mar 12, 2010, at 11:35 AM, Gary Poster wrote:

>- Leonard is wrapping up "webservice version 1.0," which shows that we can
>- now support different simultaneous versions.  This means we can support
>- released applications, such as apport, while continuing to improve our API
>- in backwards incompatible ways.  1.0 is very slightly cleaned up version of
>- the long-standing "beta" service (which, despite its name, is now also
>- frozen, because released applications depend on it).  Versions will remain
>- supported until the Ubuntu release that uses it becomes unsupported.

Hi Gary, Leonard,

How will the API's version numbers track or match up with Ubuntu release?
Will there be a new API version for every Ubuntu release?  Is there a wiki
page on dev.lp.net that documents the mapping?


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