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Deployments: Please read


So, we're now advanced enough with qastaging that its time to take the
next step with ReleaseFeaturesWhenTheyAreDone.

Note that this can be rolled back easily if there are problems.

What has changed?
 - Edge no longer deploys daily.
 - Edge now deploys when a deployment is requested on the Launchpad
Production Status wikipage (staff only)
 - https://qastaging.launchpad.net/ is open for qa purposes. This
upgrades every 30 minutes from devpad. Code should be live here in < 1
hour from pqm completion.

What benefits do we get?
 - Less variation in production
 - specifically all appservers will be running the same code
 - we're no longer deploying unvalidated code - all end user
appservers have the same qa rules, making monthly releases easier.

What do you need to do?
 - If a revision in devel should not be deployed, mark it
bad-revision=$REVNO (see the C-D wiki link below)
 - QA promptly.
 - Start asking for deployments of QA'd revisions.
 - Please QA changes in stable using https://qastaging.launchpad.net/
preferentially; staging if you cannot qa on qastaging (and let me know
that this is the case).
 - If you can't, please let a losa know and they can reenable edge
deployments immediately (but only if staging won't be good enough -
the goal is to have edge deployments totally removed).

Reading material:
 - https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/ReleaseFeaturesWhenTheyAreDone
 - https://dev.launchpad.net/MergeWorkflow
 - https://dev.launchpad.net/QAProcessContinuousRollouts


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