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Disclosure project checkpoint meeting notes 2011-11-16


= Disclosure project - Checkpoint from 2011-11-16 =

== tl;dr ==

 * We have a new tested design for the +manage-disclosure page
 * Hardening bugs and teams is still on-going.

== Harden bugs and teams ==

  * [purple] Settle what are the requirements from stakeholders before
  we can turn-off the multi-tenancy feature for private bugs: DONE

    * This was completed at UDS.

    * We are going to enable select users (OEM, Hardware Enablement) to
    continue to share private bugs until we have proper bug

    * The +manage-disclosure UI might not work on these projects, or
    it might and be somewhat confusing. Everyone is willing to live with
    that. That compromised was called the "footgun" approach.

    * Curtis raised the possibility of not having any beta testers for
    the +manage-disclosure UI if OEM continue to use multi-tenant bugs.

        * They can probably agree to do a pilot around one project
        living by the new rules. We also suggested them a different
        way to map their workflow using series.

  * [purple] Send the PPA clean-up email: DONE

    * Was sent last week, and a reminder was sent this week.
    * Will Turn off remaining ones at the end of this week.

  * [purple] Change the policy around hiding own bug comment:

    * One initial branch ready, but there are a couple of UI and
    auditing issues that needs to be discussed.
    * Curtis was going to send an email to the list to discuss the
    related aspect.

    * That's not really related to the project scope. Was only done
    because it was thought to be simple and would make it easier for
    users to fix some of the multi-tenant private bugs.

        * Users are not going to fix all of these anyway. So we will
        need to fix some anyway.

        * Scope is already too big, so let's not expand it even more.

  * [purple] Add AJAX ui to delete bug task: DONE
    * Available to ~launchpad-beta-testers.
    * Two bugs to fix before making generally available.

  * [purple] Add and enable footgun feature flag to reduce growing
  the number of private bugs with multiple projects: IN PROGRESS

  * ETA to complete  this item is now 2011-11-30.

    * Cleaning up the multi-tenant private bugs will be left to the
    squad that implement bug relationships.

=== Actions for next checkpoint ===

  * [purple] Turn off PPA for open teams.
  * [purple] Make the delete bugtask UI generally available.
  * [purple] Announce the removal of sharing of private bugs.
  * [purple] Send an email to people who have shared private bugs about
  what is going to happen with those bugs.
  * [purple] Add and enable footgun feature flag to reduce growing the
  number of private bugs with multiple projects
  * [purple] Create report around branch privacy multi-tenancy

== Managing disclosure ==

  * [huwshimi] Produce new mockups around security/privacy policy
  conundrum (options for one or two pages): DONE

    * Completed with an additional one based on tags metaphar as
    suggested by Curtis

  * [danhg] User-test the mock-ups: DONE

    * http://people.canonical.com/~huwshimi/policy7.png

        * Good feedback on that one.
        * Tag metaphor was understood by users.

    * http://people.canonical.com/~huwshimi/policy6.png
    * http://people.canonical.com/~huwshimi/policy8.png

        * Less clear.

  * [purple] Creating the access policy mechanism IN-PROGRESS

    * Part of the schema change were landed.

=== Actions for next checkpoint ===

  * [purple] Implement clickable +managing-disclosure mock-ups
  * [danhg] User-test the dynamic +managing-disclosure mock-ups
  * [purple] Creating the access policy mechanism

=== Actions for later ===

  * [purple] Implement the +manage-disclosure UI
  * [purple] Populating and maintaining the access policy data
  * [purple] Turn on +manage-disclosure and security through the access

Francis J. Lacoste

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