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Re: Developing interactive mockups for new features


On 24/11/11 13:24, Martin Pool wrote:
> On 23 November 2011 16:01, Robert Collins <robert.collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> So the lowest barrier to entry for 'looks like LP but really
>> different' that I can think of is 'ec2 demo' in the LP tree: this will
>> get you something with all the style and templates etc, which you can
>> have put plain ol html and js stuff on top of to do
>> whatever-crazy-you-want. 2 lines of ZCML and you have a fresh view, no
>> DB persistence needed - and you can do such persistence if you want.
>> prototypes is one of the prime use cases for 'ec2 demo', which is
>> unfortunately bitrotten, but thats easily fixed.
> What's broken?
> It does still start up.
> It's not all you could want though.
> Getting rid of the per-app subdomains would make this smoother, for
> one thing - it could just as the default vhost and then not require
> editing /etc/hosts to poke at it...

It starts and works, until you try to log in. Logs suggest that it's
trying to talk to testopenid.dev:80 with SSL, which obviously isn't
going to work too well.

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