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Re: mhonarc archive latency - lets order list archives in ascending rather than descending date (for now)


On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 2:58 AM, Matthew Revell
<matthew.revell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I propose that the UI impact of messages appearing very slowly is
>> worse than the UI impact of messages being in oldest-first order.
> I agree that it could be a worthwhile trade-off, while we're waiting
> for a better fix.
> An idea that might mitigate this: automatically jump to the last page,
> reverse the page number ordering, and swap the "Next" and "Previous"
> links. That way, be default the first thing you see is the page
> containing the most recent messages and you're set-up to go back in
> time.

Indeed, that might mitigate the downsides - but I'm not sure we need
to do that at all. (and doing it isn't simple because we don't know
where the last page is).

One other thing I just noticed is we have no monthly batches, which is
another way of curtailing the overheads. So we're actually
recalculating all messages ever, at the moment. Bringing in the
'stock' 'list of months' page will itself dramatically improve things
(most lists won't have > 150 or whatever the count per page is
messages per month).

I'm sure Curtis knows how to do that simply too :)


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