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Re: Bug listings checkpoint 2011-12-02


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On 11-12-08 07:21 AM, Richard Harding wrote:
> If we keep with the idea of "information density" I can't help but
> feel like the way some of the data is presented wastes space. In
> this screenshot, for instance, there's a person icon, the
> description text "Assignee: " and then the name. This is true of a
> few other fields and I wonder if there's not a way to allow the
> user to hide that information for the sake of more meaningful
> content in front of their eyes. These are mostly the power users
> out there, and they can probably tell just by the contents that
> which data is there.

Maybe, but I think it's hard to distinguish between Reporter and
Assignee at a glance.

> The other idea would be to try to give them back some sort of
> header row that can identify the columns at the top/bottom without
> forcing the extra content in the data rows themselves.

I was going to suggest that, too.

> I'm a bit late to the game, but did we look at providing a live
> update to the bug view as users were selecting options? Would live
> rendering the table as they check/uncheck data to view be something
> that might help users see what they can fit/not fit help make them
> feel a bit more in control of the view? They can see right away
> that adding field XXX forces two lines and it's not worth it to
> them so perhaps they leave something unchecked they might have
> otherwise set just for kicks.

FWIW, actually toggling the fields in realtime is pretty easy.

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