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Re: Fwd: [Launchpad-users] Request from Leo's owner to fix the leo-editor trunk (or trunk2) branch


On 22/12/2011, Gary Poster <gary.poster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Anyone (Aaron?) have any ideas on what we can do to help them?

See John's earlier investiagtion in this answer for a technical summary:


Short version, there's nothing the leo-editor guys can do to fix their
repository, the problem revision was uncommitted but is stuck in the
base repository. When using bzr+ssh the server knows not to send this
data, but the unauthenticated http access ends up fetching it all.

The problem is there's no way of robustly removing data from a
repository when stacking is involved, as it's hard to tell whether a
particular revision is referenced by some branch somewhere. However,
given the pain this has caused, I think the best thing to do is create
a completely fresh, unstacked repo, branch leo-editor trunk into it,
and replace the current repository with that, living with any
breakage. I just have no ability to actually do this kind of thing for
launchpad branches, nor enough about the underlying setup to walk a
losa through the process. I hoped between us we could work out some
kind of solution though. Thanks,