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fast down time and multiple patches


The FDT process says that we explicitly do a single patch at a time
for risk mitigation. We'd like to do multiple patches per day, but FDT
isn't yet fast enough for me to be comfortable making a case for
multiple windows per day (the work Stuart ATM around killing slony
will help with that).

Purple in particular have been getting backlogged with lots of small
orthogonal patches, and have asked that we get some solution in place

Francis and I have discussed this and we agreed that until we can
realistically do multiple schema deploys/day, we need an outlet  to
keep single item flow and avoid batching.

However, the logic in the policy is still solid, so we're taking on
additional risk when we combine patches : accordingly, either Francis
or I need to approve a multiple-schema-patch FDT deploy.

I'll update the docs shortly to note this escape valve.