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Re: Do we need the lazr namespace in our javascript?


> 2) I have a dream! With the combo loader moving forward, and getting
> standardized throughout the various apps we do, I have a dream of shared
> modules much like the Yahoo Gallery. Where we'd have builds of modules that
> go out and can be shared, updated, and documented together.

This is actually how we used to work. the lazr namespace is left over
from that package ( https://launchpad.net/lazr-js).

This issue was that this created a lot of overhead (extra package
management, forks of widgets, hard to know where code should live etc.)
and no real benefit as, except for a couple of widgets, no-one else was
actually using the "shared" codebase.

> We've recently seen cribbing of modules (like the morph animation module)
> into multiple apps. I had to update the API for one app, but it's just not
> going to happen that I then push that back from where we cribbed the morph
> module from. I could definitely see us re-puposing the lazr namespace as
> something to share modules between. It'd be our version of the yahoo
> 'gallery-' prefix to modules that are not from Yahoo, but shared through
> their gallery.

When we pulled the external dependency into Launchpad we discussed that
YUI and yui-gallery should be considered our upstreams. I still think
this is a good idea, in that it would force us to write extensible,
clean, documented widgets and it will mean that we'll be properly
contributing back to the open source YUI community.



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