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Users can hide their comments


Purple Squad, and rocket-scientists,

We are going to let users hide and unhide their own comments. This will
reduce the need for users to make bugs private (user data).

William was concerned at my suggestion to treat these comments as
user-data. That would permit users that the project shares user-data
with to see these comments. We have not verified that comments were
hidden from the project contributors to avoid the disclosure of
proprietary information.

I have just read *every* hidden comment on a bug that affects a project.
(Gods pity me). There were exactly 4 proprietary/security comments, 3 on
Launchpad, 1 on canonical-payment-service. In all cases the maintainer
can still see the comments. We are not hiding information from maintainers.

We will let the people the project shares user data with see, hide, and
unhide comments as they need. This will reduce our maintenance burden
dealing with spam. Since Ubuntu will not let humans see user-data, we,
as Registry Administrators, will need to hide spam/abusive comments on

Curtis Hovey

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