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Private projects won't have Answers or Translations



There are many ways in which private information could leak from a
private project. Two examples:

 * The existence of a project could be leaked by its name appearing as
the source of a translation string, perhaps.
 * Private information in an Answers question could be leaked were the
project to go public later on.

Having spoken to stakeholders, it seems clear that our current and
predicted future use of privacy in Launchpad does not need to include
translations. So, we'll shut off the translations app for private
projects rather than spend weeks making translations privacy-proof.

Also, Answers is fundamentally a community and public way to seek and
provide help for open source projects. It is not a ticket tracker,
such as RT. Therefore, to avoid having to implement private Answers
and to avoid the potential for leaks when a project goes public, we
will switch off Answers for private projects.


Matthew Revell
Product Manager, Launchpad and MAAS


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