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Considering change of Architecture: all builders for next release cycle



We've always built "Architecture: all" packages as part of our i386
builds.  This is beginning to look a bit outdated.  A few packages have
had difficulty building their architecture-independent components on
amd64 (usually due to address space limits, I think).  Debian is working
on Architecture: all autobuilding - it's traditionally been done by the
developer, but source-only uploads require autobuilding - and my
understanding is that this is likely to be done on amd64 buildds.

Building these on amd64 would make no difference to our capacity - all
our amd64 and i386 builders are shared nowadays anyway - but it's more
forward-looking and might help a few more packages build cleanly.

Launchpad only lets us set this when initialising a new series, so we're
coming close to a decision point.  What would people think about
switching this to amd64 when we initialise the 15.04 series?


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx]

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