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Re: Problem with user "librarian"


On 24/09/15 19:32, Michael . wrote:
> I am currently cleaning up my system. I will do a fresh install tomorrow
> and post the results but as I said I have been able to get passed that
> error and get stuck on a different error later on. The "librarian" and
> now the rabbit time out is what I would like to work on as they are the
> errors that are stopping me.

The librarian error is fallout from the bad database setup. I've updated
the manual instructions on the wiki (the problem you ran into was
probably lack of IPv6 auth config), but you should work out why
launchpad-database-setup is failing. It looks like the script is
corrupt, or your /bin/sh is weird, or something similarly sinister.

> On 24 September 2015 at 19:13, William Grant
> <william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     On 24/09/15 18:56, Michael . wrote:
>     > I have noticed that many things about LP see to be aged but when that is
>     > what is available it is what people will use.
>     > Anyway, below is a copy of the output from a new setup
>     > michael@michael-RV411-RV511-E3511-S3511-RV711:~/launchpad/lp-branches/devel$
>     > ./utilities/launchpad-database-setup michael
>     > <snip>
>     >  * Starting PostgreSQL 9.3 database
>     > server
>     > [ OK ]
>     > Waiting 10 seconds for postgresql to come up...
>     > Creating postgresql user $
>     That's a bit suspicious; it should say "Creating postgresql user
>     michael". Can you paste the full output of launchpad-database-setup? Is
>     your /bin/sh a symlink to a shell other than dash or bash?
>     William.

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